PhD positions [please contact Dr. Lawton-Rauh (amylr-at-clemson-dot-edu)]:

  • Research Assistantships are sometimes available, but prospective students are always encouraged to apply for independent funding 
  • Teaching Assistantships through the Clemson University Department of Genetics and Biochemistry require 3 rotations. Prospective students interested in this program (including rotating through my lab to work on any of the projects listed), should contact Dr. Lawton-Rauh and apply directly to one of the programs (Genetics or Biochemistry & Molecular Biology). Other options may be available, including inter-departmental or transdisciplinary or cross-institution, international projects and collaborations.



Scientist Projects and Longer Term Interests
Amy Lawton-Rauh – Principal Investigator


Population genomics-informed genome prediction and selection in primarily cultivated species groups and naturally distributed plants [Rosaceous plants (peaches, cherries, apples, strawberries etc.), Genus Amaranthus, Oryza (rice)]

Population genomics of herbicide resistance in weedy species (Amaranthus palmeri, Echinochloa spp., etc.)

Domestication, ferality, crop mimicry and escape traits to understand adaptation and to develop tools for sustainable and more resilient agricultural practices

Subodh Srivastava – Research Associate


Subodh joined the lab January 2016 and has extensive experience in computational genomics methods towards discovery of functionally relevant alleles and genome regions.

His main projects: Bioinformatics and comparative genomics bridging basic and applied research in plants [Rosaceous plants (peaches, cherries, apples, strawberries etc.), Oryza (rice)]. Previous work on the genomes of Oryza, soy, and peanut.

Andrew Disharoon – PhD Genetics Student (GRA)


Andrew is a new PhD Genetics student researching origins and adaptation of Amaranthus palmeri to the herbicide glyphosate across the Southern US, North America; comparative genomics  of highly adaptable genome elements in genus Amaranthus; genomics vs. environmental factors (quantitative genetics) of abiotic adaptation in genus Amaranthus

Longer term goal: Under construction

Paige Miller – Undergraduate Research Intern and SC Peach Council Intern (Summer-Fall 2016) Paige is an undergraduate research intern interested in connecting DNA sequence variation with population and domestication history

Her projects: Comparative genomics in Rosaceous crops and wild relatives (collaborative project with S.Ramos-Onsins Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics-Barcelona); Origins and adaptation of Amaranthus palmeri to the herbicide glyphosate across the Southern US

Longer term goal:  PhD in evolutionary biology-related field connecting genomics with interests in anthropology

Paritra Mandal – PhD Genetics Student (GTA) Paritra is a new PhD student with a background in bioinformatics and comparative genomics in domesticated plants. Her dissertation research: Diversity genomics in Oryza (domestication and de-domestication genomics); Comparative genomics of Rosaceous crops and wild relatives

Longer term goal: Under construction



Role in Lawton-Rauh Lab: Current Status:
Austin Major – Undergraduate Research Intern (May 2015 – May 2016) Graduated May 2016 and Applying to Medical Schools Fall 2016
Courtney Vandermeersch – Undergraduate Research Intern (Spring 2016) Graduated May 2016 and Applying to Medical Schools Fall 2016
Kimberly Kanapeckas – PhD Genetics (August 2015) Visiting Assistant Professor, Erskine College
Katerina Lay – Research Technical Assistant, Honors undergraduate Intern PhD student, Plant Molecular Biosciences, Michigan State University
Sarah Barfield – Research Technical Assistant, Honors Research Intern, SPRI/HHMI Research Intern, Daniel High School, SC (Summer 2009) PhD student, EEOB University of Texas-Austin
Emily McMacken – Honors Intern, EUREKA! intern Research intern in Feliciano Lab (Clemson University)
Kristin Beard – PhD Genetics (December 2013) Seeking postgraduate opportunities near Augusta, Georgia
Kameryn McCarty – BS Genetics Research Intern PhD Student, Emory University
Kirby McCall – BS Biochemistry Research Intern Pharmacy student, MUSC
Christopher Robinson – BS Genetics Research Intern Researcher, CDC (Atlanta)
Stephanie Monesson – Lab Manager, 2011-2012 National College of Naturopathic Medicine
Sara Sarasua – PhD Genetics 2012 Researcher Greenwood Genetic Center, Lecturer Clemson University Human Health
Monica Patterson – Lab Manager, 2010-2011 Provost office with Faculty & Staff Senate
Brad Rauh – Lab Manager, Research Assistant Crop improvement geneticist Kresovich Lab/Advanced Plant Technology;  Prior: CORE Peach Genomics Research
Margaret Beaudrot – HHMI/SCLife Honors Research Intern, Clemson University, 2006-2007 Resident in Obstetrics & Gynecology University of Cincinnati Medical Center; Prior: Medical student, Medical University of South Carolina
Paige Catotti – SPRI Research Intern, SC Governor’s School for Science and Math, Summer 2007 PhD Horticulture student University of Georgia Athens;  Prior: Clemson Honors Genetics
Clifton Duffy – BS Genetics Research Intern, Clemson University, 2010-2011
Kyle Gettler – BS Genetics Honors 491 Research Intern, Clemson University, 2008-2011; Research Assistant, Summers 2009 & 2011 PhD Genetics student, Yale University
Christina Hawbaker – NSF-REU Research Intern, Willamette University, Summer 2008 Genetic Counsellor; Prior: MS Genetic Counseling student, University of Utah
Katie Horton – Service Learning Intern, Seneca High School, Fall 2006 Clemson Honors Chemistry
Devleena Kole – SPRI/HHMI Research Intern, Daniel High School, SC, Summer 2009 PhD student Bioengineering UCSD; Prior: undergraduate student, Clemson Bioengineering
Thomas Lane – BS Genetics Research Intern, Clemson University, 2010-2011 Bioinformaticist Staton Lab; Prior: MS Bioinformatics student, Univ. Tennessee- Knoxville, SCALE-IT trainee
Meredith O’Toole – EUREKA! Honors Research Intern, Clemson University, Summer 2009 Clemson Honors English
Monica Munoz Torres, PhD Genetics 2009 Biocuration Lead, Bioinformatics Analyst at Berkeley Labs; Prior: postdoctoral researcher in the Elsick Lab at Georgetown University
Chelsea Reighard – HHMI/SCLife & Clemson University Calhoun Honors Research Intern, 2007-2008 Medical Student University of Michigan; Prior: Faculty, Teach for America, Brooklyn New York
Kelly Robinson – BS Genetics Research Intern, Clemson University, 2010-2011 PhD Molecular Medicine student, University of Maryland-Baltimore
Anna Rollings – EUREKA! Honors Research Intern, Clemson University, Summer 2011 undergraduate student, Clemson
Alanna Slack – EUREKA! Honors Research Intern, Clemson University, Summer 2009 Clemson Honors Fisheries & Wildlife
Jennifer Smith – NSF-REU Research Intern, Francis Marion University, Summer 2007 PhD Genetics student, University of Florida
Steven Vensko – HHMI/SCLife Research Intern, 2008-09; Research Assistant, Summer 2009 PhD Genetics 2015, North Carolina State University
Cindy Climer Viguera, PhD Genetics 2011 Assistant Professor, Genetics, High Point University; Prior: postdoctoral researcher Washington University
Sarah Walker – HHMI/SCLife Research Intern, Clemson University, 2006-2007 Physicians Assistant, Prior: Physician Assistance student Medical University of South Carolina

SPRI = Summer Program for Research Interns – A grant program designed to motivate bright, academically talented rising high school seniors in public and private schools in South Carolina to pursue careers in science, mathematics, or technologyHHMI = Howard Hughes Medical Institute – A philanthropy serving society through biomedical research and science education

SCLife = South Carolina Life Undergraduate Research Program – A grant program to support research for college students as well as life sciences education for middle schooland high school students and their teachers

NSF-REU = National Science Foundation – Research Experiences for Undergraduates

491/H491 = Clemson University, The Calhoun Honors College offers general honors distinction & (H491) departmental research distinction  

EUREKA! = Clemson University, Experiences in Undergraduate Research, Exploration and Knowledge Advancement Honors summer research program – A unique and exciting program that will enable entering first-year honors students to pursue research and scholarly activities with faculty across all disciplines

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