CompGenomics Reading Group

Welcome to the Clemson Computational Genomics Reading Group Page!


If you want to be on the Clemson Computational Genomics Reading Group listserv, use this link: ClemsonCompGen

We are a cross-department, cross-college, cross-institution group of scientists, students, principal investigators, visiting scholars, group directors, and practitioners that use and/or develop computational genomics tools in South Carolina.

We read and discuss papers and topics in population and quantitative genomics, domestication, breeding, speciation, and comparative evolutionary genomics… sorting out how population level processes lead to observed genome dynamics and how to test models using high (and medium) throughput genomic and phenotypic data.

We meet for journal discussions and ‘Computational Tea’:

  • ~2X/month to discuss a paper (during the academic year, co-led by a ‘system’ person and an ‘informatics’ person) so we can dissect hypotheses, data types, and informatic workflows
  • If off campus and want to participate via Skype, please email Amy Lawton-Rauh @ PopQuantGenomics a few days before we meet.

We use this Group for reading group updates plus to connect about resources through discussion threads. Participate as you wish, change your settings for emails/thread updates, use this for file-sharing, etc. Archived so you can have everything in one place and refer back to discussion threads when helpful and relevant.

Cheers, Amy

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